Jamie "Dubs" Wilkinson

I am an American computer programmer and entrepreneur.

Here is an awkward interview with me:

I'm currently available for consulting and investment opportunities — get in touch.

Contact me: @jamiew on Twitter or email "jamie@[[thisdomain]].com"

From 2010-2018 I was the co-founder and CEO of VHX, a platform for selling movies and TV shows directly to fans. In 2017 we were acquired by Vimeo, and the product is now known as Vimeo OTT. We had the privilege of working with thousands of small businesses as well as well-known artists like Dave Grohl, Kevin Hart, This American Life, Grace Helbig and more. The company was backed by investors like Union Square Ventures, Comcast Ventures, Lerer Ventures, Chris Sacca, Alexis Ohanian and more.

After VHX and Vimeo I served as the Chief Product Officer at Kickstarter, where I led product, data and engineering.

In 2008, I helped create Know Your Meme, a community-edited database of Internet culture (like Wikipedia). We also produced a web show where we would dress up in lab coats and explain the stories behind notable memes. Some of my favorite episodes are embedded below. The site was acquired by the Cheezburger Network in 2011, and remains a popular destination for anyone trying to understand an obscure reference.

In 2010 I won a Primetime Emmy for my work on Star Wars Uncut, where we chopped the original Star Wars movie into 15 second pieces and invited the Internet to recreate them, one scene at a time. The project was created by Casey Pugh, my co-founder at VHX.

From 2007 to 2016 I was a member of the FAT Lab (Free Art & Technology), a group of artists, hackers, and activists "releasing early, often and w/ rap music."

I contributed to lots of small and large projects, all released as open-source, including Graffiti Markup Language, Google Alarm, Internet Famous Class, occupyinter.net, FuckFlickr, the Kanye Rant Detector, and many more.

Here's the crew with the fake Google Street View car we built in 2015:

I love open-source software and publish as much code as possible on github.com/jamiew

Here is an incomplete list of other projects:

* Scratch Markup Language (ScratchML) (2012) - digitizing turntablism - see also Graffiti Markup Language (.gml) * Google Alarm (2010) - browser extension that loudly alerts you whenever you're sending data to Google - blog post * Occupy Internet (2010) - animated GIF protestors for your website - join the global revolution from the comfort of your own home - blog post * Meme Breaks (2008) - scratch your favorite Internet memes - blog post * Graffiti Markup Language (GML) - file format for capturing and replaying graffiti tags * 000000book (2009) - open database for Graffiti Markup Language (.gml) files * Canvasplayer (2009) - draw GML using processing.js - blog post - source code * Obama Wikipedia page edits (2008) - visualizes contributors to the Obama page over time - blog post * Internet Famous Class (2007-2008) - I taught a graduate course at Parsons Design & Technology program where student grades were based on how many views and likes they could generate * Rickroll Database (2007) - AdBlock filter for rickrolls - you're welcome * JSONView for Chrome (2010) - browser extension for - source code * FuckFlickr (2007) - host your own photos - source code * Kanye Rant Detector (2009) - alerts you when Kanye is using ALLCAPS on his blog - blog post * Quotable Kanye (2009) - Yeezy wisdom (with API) - blog post * Kanye Studio Pro (2009) * BIG_RIP.js (2007) * Breakout USA (2007) * Product Management Approval Matrix

Here are some more lists I'm working on:

• List of press mentions

• List of exhibitions

Here's some videos I've helped make:

Know Your Meme episodes (2007-2010)

Star Wars Uncut (2010)

Empire Uncut (2015)

FAT Lab projects (2007-2015)

000000book - Graffiti Markup Language database (2010)

Occupyinter.net (2012)

Google Alarm (2010)

Meme Breaks (2008)

Obama Wikipedia page edits (2008)

Hard Drive Bombs (2007)


XOXO Festival (2012) - VHX

Vimeo Festival (2011) - "Internet Fame, Easy as 1 2 3"

TEDxSOMA (2010) - Google Alarm

Internet Famous Class on NBC (2008)

VHX (2010-2017)

Animation & art direction by Erica Gorochow:

Animations mostly by Kornhaber Brown with sound design by Mike Rugnetta and Bryan Pugh